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Is the saying "Actions speak louder than words" correct? Эссе по английскому

There are some English sayings about the importance of practical deeds rather than bare words. The general idea of such quotations is that we all need actions. But are actions more important than words in every case?

To start my discussion, I would like to say that concrete actions are certainly more necessary in most circumstances than slogans to say nothing of the unfulfilled promises. To continue, doing something is what makes things happen while sitting on one's hands will never bring your business off. In addition, staying idle means losing your time and letting others overtake and outperform you.

Having said that I cannot but mention that words can also serve as powerful weapons of communication and be useful in many life situations. Take writers, poets, playwrights or actors, for example. Their words serve noble goals of educating or entertaining people and sound very loudly in people's minds. Also, the words of the doctor can have a healing effect and are very necessary for the patients. Moreover, the words of the leader can be important to organise people, to call for active deeds and better achievements.

However helpful words can be, I still believe that words alone are not enough. Let us take the work of writers. They can use the right words only if they have real life experience. Further on, doctors do not treat people without medication and operations. As for the leaders, their role is assessed not just by slogans but by convincing results.

To all intents and purposes, I hold the view that actions are really more essential than words and, putting it differently, "Handsome is as handsome does".

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