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What makes people commit crimes? Эссе по английскому

Committing a crime creates a whole bunch of problems for the criminal but yet the string of crimes is unrelenting. So, what and who are to blame for the crimes committed: the individual or the society?

There is an opinion that people take the road of crime because of some social reasons. One of such reasons is poverty and need that make a person do something illegal to survive. Another reason is parental neglect and lack of proper education and again this is the fault of the society. Yet another reason is the pressure of criminal individuals and gangs on which a poor individual depends.

However possible the social theory of crime is, there is another explanation of crime. It is often said that personal greed, envy and jealousy push the person towards committing a crime. To add to the list, lacking a sense of guilt, pity and remorse often turn a person into a beast. On top of that, alcohol and drug abuse are frequent causes of crime.

Notwithstanding the importance of the above ideas, personal greed, envy and jealousy are bad indeed but they get worse without proper education and parental care. Similarly, does the society not show individuals numerous examples of indifference, rudeness and cruelty? Also, many alcohol and drug addicts do not get from the society the support they badly need.

To finish, individual weaknesses and temptations may certainly serve as causes of crime but it is the society that bears full responsibility for educating the citizens and reducing the crime rate.

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