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Do you agree that people would be happier if they lived longer? Эссе по английскому

It is a common belief that people would be happier if they lived longer and I still believe that there is some truth in it.

Firstly, if people lived longer they would see the future and will live better lives. Secondly, thanks for technological progress people would use miraculous technologies that would help mankind to feel more prosperous and secure. Thirdly, if people lived longer they would have more chances to meet their future generations, of which everybody dreams.

Excellent though it is, I would imagine that if people lived longer our planet would be overpopu- lated. Another problem is that the bigger population we had, the more cars would get on the streets and the worse air we would have to breathe. Further on, the more people we had, the more industry we would need, and our factories would emit a lot of carbon dioxide that would spread in the air. As a result, we would have global warming and depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere. Also, old people have poor health.

Alternative ideas raise serious issues but, talking about overpopulation, I don't believe that people would not be able to control it and regulate birth rate. Further on, we would make the Earth green and have more oxygen in the air. In addition, in the nearest future thanks to technological progress, mankind will create new medical means to keep people healthy at any age.

To sum it all up, despite many worrying situations that mankind may face, if people lived longer they would be able to overcome all difficulties in order to be happy.

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