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Can vandalism among teenagers be stopped? Эссе по английскому

Can vandalism among teenagers be stopped?

There are numerous cases of vandalism among teenagers around us. To stop the vandals we need to understand what makes them commit crimes by damaging, breaking, spoiling, desecrating and setting on fire public property.There are optimists and pessimists on this issue.

Optimists say that vandalism can be stopped. Teenagers need a good chance to entertain themselves. Training grounds, fitness clubs and sports competitions can be helpful. In addition, we should talk to vandals and have a dialogue. This is not to say that optimists are against TV surveillance cameras or police presence in public places.

Pessimists insist that vandalism is a very difficult problem. One reason is perhaps boredom or the desire the vent out one's anger in a violent way. When a young person is bored, he or she needs fun by causing trouble to people. Another reason is poor education. The third reason is the desire to prove oneself in the eyes of others.

I side with optimists. Training grounds and clubs are a good idea and they can make the difference for teenagers. We all need to talk to teenagers, to involve them in educational activities and to explain the harm of vandalism. Besides, sports events are a good method of letting out extra energy.

My conclusion is optimistic and I believe that doing something is much better than staying idle. I also think that we should keep trying not only to stop the vandals but to turn them into our allies in the fight against vandalism.