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Is There Such a Thing As Bad Weather? Эссе по английскому

Is There Such a Thing As Bad Weather?
If you ask some people which weather is better and which is worse they often find it difficult to give an answer. So, what is miserable weather and is there such a thing?
Opinions about the weather prove that tastes differ. Some people like the shining sun while others prefer rain and for still others it does not make much difference rain or shine. To continue, every type of weather has pros and cons. In addition, accepting any weather de­pends on what we have got used to, because living comfortably in any weather is a matter of habit.
In contrast to the previous opinion, the weather can be bad indeed. It can bring disasters with the rain causing floods, with the wind battering the roofs and windows of the houses, with the lightening causing fires, and with the waves destroying the coasts. Moreover, bad weather can attack humans and do harm to their health biting them with frost, causing cold in the head, while extreme heat waves affect their hearts. Just to add, if any weather continues for a long time, people wish it changed.
By disagreeing with the previous passage, if the weather is dangerous, people can take safety measures by building dams, reinforcing their houses, and moving away from water fronts. Talking about protecting one's health, let's remember the saying that there is no bad weather but there are bad clothes. As for the unchanging weather, if people want a difference, they can travel and change the scene.
For the reasons above, there is no such thing as bad weather but there are personal preferences, habits and a desire for change. (273 words)