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Should Every School-leaver Know English? Эссе по английскому

Should Every School-leaver Know English?
There is a popular opinion that every school-leaver should know Eng­lish. At the same time, many others believe that English is not neces­sary for everybody as not all school-leavers will be using it in the fu­ture.
I hold the view that young people in the 21st century can't do well without good knowledge of English. To start with, I am in favour of learning English by everybody because English is a global language. Besides, with the help of English we can communicate with representatives of other cultures. In addition, English is the language of world science and without it getting access to the latest breakthroughs in knowledge is impossible.
However, there is an opposite point of view that some school grad­uates may not need English in the future. My opponents insist that Russia is not an English-speaking country. Also, not everybody will go abroad to say nothing of studying or working there. More­over, modern information and communication technology provides instant computer-assisted translation of any English text into Russian.
I do not fully agree with my counterparts. Russia is part of world cul­ture and the English language is used in many areas, such as tourism, scientific exchange and joint business. Truly enough, many school leavers are going to stay in Russia, but quite a few will need English for a career in their home country. As for modern technology, ma­chine translation is not perfect enough to compete with human abili­ty to communicate.
To sum up my reasoning, English may not be needed by every school- leaver indeed but language learning is never extra considering that life is full of surprises. (273 words)