My winter holidays сочинение

Christmas holidays are gone, so the vacation is over, too. Although the winter holidays are shorter than in summer, I still love them more. I have a lot of reasons for that.

My winter holidays are usually full of excitement. That’s exactly what I want to emphasize. They are not boring, because there are a lot of ways to spend your leisure time in winter.

First of all, winter is the season of snow. It’s a perfect season in order to spend time with friends playing outdoors. There are a lot of different games connected with snow. That’s why you never get bored.

If it’s too cold outside, I prefer to stay home. It’s the best time for reading. I am sure, that books are our real friends and advisors. Without them our world would be miserable and boring.

The other think I love in winter holidays is New Year. New Year is a important holiday for my family. We spend a lot of time together visiting our old friends and grandparents. And of course, New Year means new presents.

In conclusion I’d like to remind you that one proverb says: «Tastes differ». It means that everyone has different seasons to love. I love winter and I’m literally obsessed with this season.

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